An act of kindness

This is what we do as a community:

The Corner Market in Claxton had an assortment of “personal” pumpkins on sale — left over from the height of pumpkin season, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Not only do pumpkins have great nutritional value, but some animals love the taste of them.

On hearing this, market owners Justin and Natalia Meredith practically gave the pumpkins away.

So, nearly 100 personal-size pumpkins were transported to the Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue Friday morning to help supplement meals for the animals.

Once the cargo arrived at the zoo, members of “The Zoo Crew” were instrumental in getting them unloaded and then moved to the proper place at the facility so they could be mixed with the animals’ meals.

So, from J.B.’s Corner Market in Claxton to Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue on Granite Road, with help for the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, our community reaches out in all directions.