Sports Brief

The Norwood Middle School girls team has had a great season so far, and coach Justin Taylor says the team is getting better every time they take to the floor.

Unfortunately for the small team, multiple players have been injured recently, leaving them with a full lineup for only three games so far this season.

“Everyone is healthy now, though,” said Taylor. “Hopefully things will start clicking and moving in the right direction. We’ve had several games where if we would have handled pressure better, it could have ended up as a different result. We’ll be alright going forward, though.

There have been a few girls that have really stepped up the last two or three weeks and I’ve been super impressed with the girls’ ability to learn on the fly. They’re really growing not only as basketball players, but students and people.”

The Norris Middle School Senators have been struggling so far this season, with the lack of experience hurting them on the court.

Noah Green, head coach for the Senators, has said he’s waiting for the students to step up and someone to really take charge.

“We have been in the game during the fourth quarter and just can’t seem to pull them out and make the plays we need to when it matters.

Cole Russell, who’s normally my leader, has missed three games due to stitches in his eye, and that’s really hurt us as a team. I need someone to step up into his role while he’s out.” Green says that, despite the setbacks and less-than-stellar start to the season, he’s still confident in the team as a whole.

“I think this team has it in them to make a run when needed, but we just really have to find that identity.”