Lady Dragons gain strong win

  • Clinton’s Sarah Burton jumps over a Lady Bobcat to shoot.

  • Lady Dragon Cierra Bunch twists past a Halls player in the fourth quarter. The Lady Dragons ultimately won 67-35 in a comfortable margin. Sarah Burton was the leading scorer for Clinton in the game, played Jan. 17.

Sarah Burton helped lead the Lady Dragons to victory over Central High School.

On Jan. 14, Clinton traveled to Central to face off against the Lady Bobcats. They came away with a decisive victory, winning 66-41.

The game wasn’t close by any stretch of the imagination, and the contrast between the teamwork dynamic of the two schools was starkly apparent from the start.

Whether the Lady Bobcats were having a bad night or had changed their plays remains to be seen, but it was impossible to miss the multiple times that a Central player would pass the ball to a teammate who didn’t exist.

That would send the ball sailing through empty air, sometimes out of bounds and sometimes right into the surprised arms of a Lady Dragon.

Once or twice would be too much, but as the score widened between the two teams and Central became more and more rattled, such a scene only became a more common occurrence.

Burton led the team in scoring, finishing with 25 points to her name, including two three-pointers in the first half.

Naiyah Sanders came in a respectable second with 17 points, including four free throws out of six, giving her a free throw percentage of 66-percent and three three-point shots.