Clinton Lions Club had a busy fall

The Clinton Lions Club has been very busy this fall, traveling from Clinton to Andersonville to Norris, Heiskell, Oliver Springs, and Rocky Top to perform vision screenings.

These were made at no cost to schools in order to support Anderson County and Clinton City schools and the Anderson County Head Start Program in their efforts to ensure the health of school-age children.

They also conducted vision screenings for preschoolers at Second Baptist Church in Clinton.

Because of their efforts, as part of the Lions Kidsight USA Screening for Children, a total of 2,822 kids were screened by the Clinton Lions this fall, with 287 referred for further testing by their eye-care professionals.

Utilizing advanced screening technology (Plusoptix Vision Screener), the Lions were able to screen for some of the most prevalent eye disorders as early as possible. The screening is non-invasive. The child merely looks at the camera and is screened for such conditions as near- or far-sightedness, muscle imbalance and other eye disorders.

Laura Roberts of Clinton City Schools notes the cameras they used were a great time saver. “They were able to screen over 500 students in three schools in less than three days,” she said.

Educational experts note that the majority of learning is visual. If a child can’t see well, a child can’t learn very well. That is why the Clinton Lions Club is working to ensure that children receive proper eye screenings and follow-up care as necessary.

Anna M. Hurt of the Anderson County Schools Office of Coordinated Health noted “In addition the Lions Club offers financial support to students that cannot afford additional exams or corrective lenses. The Lions Club is an invaluable partner for the school district and we truly appreciate their immense support!”