Mayor get nod from Operations to start purchase agreement for senior center

Anderson County Mayor Terry Frank requested a go ahead to pursue a purchase agreement with Lifepoint Church in Clinton for acquiring 96 Mariner Point Drive as a location for a new Anderson County Senior Center.

The measure passed the Operations Committee and will now go before the full commission next Tuesday.

Funding for the building — $500,000 — will come from $250,000 in available funds, and $250,000 to be borrowed.


The $250,000 may not have to be borrowed if the state of Tennessee allocates funds for the purchase — a possibility brought up in Monday night’s Operations meeting. That allocation is not something Anderson County government is banking on.

Another option over borrowing $250,000 for the new center is if Lifepoint will allow the county to pay that amount when 205 Main sells. The bidding process for 205 Main is expected to be completed soon.

District 1 Commissioner Tracy Wandell asked Frank to see if the county could finish paying for 96 Mariner Point when 205 main sells, but did not make that contingent on voting for the project.

Wandell also requested County Commission be given a breakdown of the senior center, from staff hierarchy to maintenance proposals.

Frank said she would be able to have that information ready by next Tuesday’s meeting.