Cpl. Kim Lay honored as National L.E.A.D. Instructor of the Year

  • Cpl. Kim Lay goes through some instruc- tions during a L.E.A.D. class at Fairview Elementary School. - Ken Leinart


Kim Lay will tell you the statistics, lead you through the curriculum, and explain why it’s important.

She’ll do all of this as if she is reciting a recipe — which she is in a way; a recipe for success.

But when she tells you about a graduate of the Anderson County L.E.A. D. program coming up to her years later and telling her how much it helped them get through the angst of middle school and high school …

That’s when it becomes evident Lay has something special.

She lights up.

“It’s about helping the kids get through those years,” she said. “It’s about reinforcing core values.”

An Anderson County Sheriff’s Office corporal, Lay was named the National L.E.A.D (Law Enforcement Against Drugs) Instructor of the Year Tuesday at the National L.E.A.D Conference in New Jersey.

Lay has been working in Anderson County schools for seven years. She is the top instructor in the state of Tennessee.

In addition to her national award, Lay was named Instructor of the Year for the state of Tennessee.

She received notice of the state award prior to attending the conference but was surprised when the L.E.A.D president called her name for this prestigious national award

Lay works as a K-9 school resource officer and L.E.A.D instructor in the Anderson County schools.

She currently serves as the Tennessee School Resource Officer Association president and is very active in the community.

“Kim Lay is synonymous with public servant,” Anderson County Sheriff Russell Barker said.

“Her passion and dedication are second to none. These awards are a reflection of the commitment she has to protecting and serving the students of this county.”

Lay shrugs off the accolades, though.

“We have a great L.E.A.D. team,” she said.

“This is really ‘our’ award.”