Weinstein, Sanders, Trump — Pleasing people?

Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Donald Trump and all the candidates want to please enough of the American people to win.

When it comes time for Americans to vote, a candidate wants to please the majority of the people, but mostly a majority of the Electoral College.

A ballplayer wants to please his coach. The player knows that if the coach is displeased, then he will see limited playing time.

The student wants to please the teacher because the teacher will assign the grade.

All of us have some people in our lives who we care about pleasing. The boss is the one who writes the paycheck. There is the pressure to perform and succeed in order to get ahead in life. Some people do everything that is right such as work performance and extra hours and performing above expectations in order to get ahead.

Sadly, some will stoop too far. We've heard a lot about Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. Out of all the many accusations there certainly has to be some truth that Weinstein was very wrong on multiple occasions. How many times a day does this still go on in Hollywood, politics, the corporate world and on and on?

Do you live to please people? I bet you do some of the time. There is somebody in your life you want to be happy with you. If your answer is "yes all the time," then I suspect that most of the time you are very unhappy. If you try to please all people then most of the people will always be displeased with you because everyone has different opinions about life and how you should live your life. An old minister said once, "If you please God, it doesn't matter who you please; and if you displease God, then it doesn't matter who you please." Keep in mind that you can please God, but others may still be displeased.

People have opinions about how you should vote and how much of your money you should turn over to the government in taxes.

People have opinions about how much of your money you should be allowed to keep. You'll never make everybody happy, nor will Trump or Bernie Sanders.