Brandon Pelizzari appointed to trial court vacancy

Anderson County lawyer Brandon Pelizzari was appointed to the Trial Court Vacancy Commission by Tennessee’s Lt. Gov. Randy McNally earlier this month.

When there is a vacancy to be filled in the trial courts, the commission will accept applications from qualified attorneys, interview the applicants and then recommend three candidates to the governor for consideration.

“Whenever a judge retires anywhere in the state, in between election years, then the governor would have to appoint an interim judge,” Pelizzari explained.

“The Trial Court Vacancy Commission will interview the candidates who apply for the appointment, and then make recommendations to the governor to limit the amount of people he’s considering.”

When McNally reached out to him to see if he would be interested, Pelizzari told him, “Absolutely.”

“I’m honored to just play a small role in maintaining that integrity of the judiciary,” he added.

Pelizzari’s appointment will expire in 2026.

“I am confident that [Pelizzari] will perform the duties of office with the high standard of professionalism, dedication and integrity that the citizens of Tennessee deserve and expect of their public servants,” McNally said in a letter.