Company has an answer for meat shortages

With meat getting harder and harder to find, and likely to only get scarcer before the pandemic is over, many shoppers are wondering what they’re to do.

United Grocery Outlet in Clinton recently hit $6 per pound for ground beef.

One meat processing plant, Travis Company in Powell, has tried to meet that demand by selling its products directly to consumers, stating on its website: “We are making our products temporarily available to retail customers during this time of uncertainty.”

“We want to help where we can,” the company said on its website. “[We] have supported the greater Knoxville community for years.”

The products the plant is offering to consumers are limited.

Travis is not selling ground lamb or bison steaks, but it is selling mainstays of many home-cooked meals, including pork loin, hamburger patties, meatloaf, and ground beef.