Clinton Utilities Board, TVA make donation to ADFAC

Clinton Utilities Board (CUB) is proud to announce that it has partnered with the Tennessee Valley Authority to award $20,000 to ADFAC to help the local community during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

“In this time of crisis, CUB is proud to partner with TVA to help our neighbors in need” said Greg Fay, CUB General Manager. “ADFAC will use this donation to assist people struggling to pay their utility bills.”

“On behalf of ADFAC, we are very grateful for the partnership we enjoy with CUB and TVA” said Joey Collins, Program Director for ADFAC’s Household Assistance Program.

“We expect these funds to be a significant help to the struggling families of Anderson County as it will assist us in providing them with stability in these uncertain times.”

CUB has collaborated with ADFAC since 1990, through a program called Project ASSIST, with CUB customers themselves donating over $400,000 via the CUB round-up program, monthly donation on their bills and one-time donations. Customers interested in contributing to Project ASSIST can contact CUB customer service or visit if they would like to help.

Funding from CUB will be matched by TVA’s COVID-19 Community Care Fund, which helps local power companies meet immediate needs in their communities by providing matching funds for local initiatives addressing hardships created by this pandemic.

“In the spirit of public power, we are honored to partner with local power companies to address the unprecedented challenges facing those we serve,” said Jeannette Mills, TVA executive vice president and chief external relations officer.

“TVA has a mission of service to make life better for the people of the Valley, and providing these funds to address immediate needs is one way we can help ease the burdens on families and communities.”

For additional information about these community partners, please visit, or If a CUB customer is in need of assistance paying their utility bill due to COVID-19, please contact ADFAC by calling 483-6028.