Weigel’s provided pizza, doughnuts to front-line workiers

Pizza delivery took on a new meaning for three Weigel’s employees the past few weeks — delivering dozens of pizzas and doughnuts to local hospitals and fire stations.

After determining where the hospitals and fire stations were in the 11 counties Weigel’s serves, Kurt Weigel – Weigel’s recruiting director; Brittany Obester, recruiting benefits coordinator; and Kelly Bowling, HR director, loaded their cars with dozens of pizzas and boxes of doughnuts and headed out.

During a four day period, they made deliveries to 15 hospitals and 18 fire stations.

“The men and women who are on the front line each day, serving our needs during this pandemic is such a heroic dedication to their professions, and we just wanted to do a little something to let them know how much we appreciate them”, said Kurt Weigel.

The pizza idea came out of a conference call with several of the Weigel’s family members. They knew they wanted to do something to let the community “heroes” know how much they appreciated them for their relentless service, especially during a national crisis. The pizzas and donuts are products Weigel’s makes in-house daily, so it was the ideal food they could supply plenty of. “It was so gratifying to be able to make a small difference in the lives of those facing and fighting this pandemic on the front line”, said Weigel. “We are grateful for what they do every day, and happy we could give them just a little bit of enjoyment during this difficult and challenging time.”