Flag planting is another way to come together as a community

Think what you want about 2020, but the year of the pandemic, murder hornets, Saharan dust plumes, and changing landscape of our collective social conscious, it has also been a year of communities coming together.

This week, Historic Downtown Clinton will offer another opportunity for the Anderson County and Clinton communities to come together — even if it is separately.

“We’re asking people to come to Market Street in Clinton and plant a United States flag,” Katherine Birkbeck said.

Birkbeck said she got the ball rolling after realizing how many events Anderson County had missed — and will be missing — this year.

“There’s just a feeling of sadness that we can’t do the events we used to do,” she said. “So, what can we do to bring people together, even if we can’t really be together?

“What can we do for the Fourth of July?”

Show your pride in America, that’s what.

Any and everyone is asked to bring an American flag and plant it somewhere along Market Street during this week so Historic Downtown Clinton is covered in a sea of red, white and blue.

Sometimes the smallest of gestures get the biggest results.

“Hopefully people will be inspired in these weird times,” Birkbeck said.