• Buster

  • Sunny

We're starting a new feature in The Courier News wherein we will publish a photo of and your comments about your favorite dog or cat. If this proves to be popular and we have lots of cat and dog lovers who want to show off their fur babies, we might even divide it into separate cat and dog features.

Please don't post them on our Facebook page. Email your best photo and a brief write-up describing what's special about your fur baby to editor@mycouriernews.com. We will choose from your entries and put your pet's photo and description in our newspaper and on our website.

Let us know the pet's name, age, breed, and anything else you think people should know. Also tell us what your name is and where you live (city or area only, not your address).

To help kick off this new idea of ours, we're featuring a couple of our favorite fur babies below.

The pup is Buster, who belongs to The Courier News's editor, Ken Leinart.

The cat is Sunny, who belongs to staff writer Chambers Williams.

About Buster, Ken says:

"Meet Buster. Better yet, don’t. He’s not the most-friendly dog you’ll ever run across, but he has a big heart. He’s smart and funny and loves to play constantly. He’s never met a stuffed toy that didn’t somehow belong to him. He loves having his ears scratched and his belly rubbed, and if you give him a treat he may let you do both. Maybe. He loves lying in the sun and going on Jeep rides — well, actually, for rides in any kind of vehicle." (Buster is shown with Lambchop, his favorite toy.)

About Sunny, Chambers says:

"Sunny is a medium-hair, tortie-point Siamese whom I rescued from the animal shelter in LaFollette as an 8-week-old kitten in November 2014, just a day before she was scheduled to be euthanized because they were not able to find anyone to take her. Her real name is Sunstra, which is Thai for 'beautiful eyes.' We just call her Sunny most of the time. She follows me everywhere I go in my home, and she is very much her own person. She does not grant anyone any real authority over her. She will let me pet her, kiss her soft little forehead, and even cuddle her (but only once in a very rare while). She also will turn upside down and present her belly to us, as if to say, 'It's OK to rub my tummy.' But we know better. It's not OK. It's just a trap. We love Sunny to death, and she knows that, and takes every advantage of it."