Clinton Schools’ programs accomplished much and are still growing

The recently completed school year was another banner academic year for the Clinton Blaze and Lady Blaze athletic programs.

The program will continue to grow during the 2021-22 school year as CCS Athletics Director E.T. Stamey announced that the Blaze would add a cheerleading squad and color guard. Both new teams will have a presence at the Blaze and Lady Blaze basketball games this fall.

“The color guard and cheerleaders will definitely be at the basketball games next season,” Stamey said. “The cheerleaders may have a camp and the color guard will also have other competitions.” The activities will be added to an athletic program that includes cross country, basketball, dance, tennis, archery, swimming, and track and field.

In early May, the Blaze was awarded the 2020 TSBA Award for Excellence in Education and was hailed as “a comprehensive program that provides students with a wide variety of opportunities to develop individual talents and interests” by the TSBA.

The Blaze swim team will look to return in the fall.

In basketball and dance, the season was delayed by COVID-19, and the dance team ultimately had its season suspended by the coronavirus.