It’s easy to condemn


I read with interest the letter from Mr. Foust. My question is, “Could it ever stand up in any court?” The whole trust, and nothing but the truth. Would Mr. Foust stake his life on his statements? First off, we have spent far too many America dollars on foreign wars. We haven’t spent billions, but trillions, on two wars that should have never happened.

The soviets invaded Afghanistan in the 980s believing with all their armor and air power that it would be a cake walk. It wasn’t. Nine years later the Soviets left, leaving their armor.

In the 1980s war the United States supplied the rebels (the Mujahideen) with arms against the Soviets. The final coast was $3 billion over the nine year war. Osama bin Laden was an ally against the Soviets and after the Soviet war we completely backed away frons this war-torn nation and bib Laden knew he had been used by the West.

World War II brought us in as the world’s policeman and it has cost too much.

Oil is the laxative of the world and European nations are seeking alternatives, along with the U.S. The administrations, Republican and Democrat, are caught up in oil. One can say that we don’t hurt the environment, but check on air pollution in China and India. We all breathe the same air and water can’t replenish itself. The two, together, mean life.

Solyndra was chosen as a corporation to support the installation 1-4,000 wind, solar, geothermal, and bio-mass projects — enough to power 8 million homes. The 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act enabled by the 111th Congress, shovel ready in 2009 the housing debacle and the biggest down turn since the Great Depression.

The $25 billion bill — so much of the stimulus was invisible with more than one half in tax cuts and safety net programs. The Act did create more than 2 million jobs and 41,000 miles of roads, 60,000 low income home were weatherized, and 3000,000 rural schools connected to high speed internet.

Solyndra opened to a business free fall. Chinese firms flooded the market and sometimes the free market needs help. U.S. fossil fuel subsidies wat up $20 billion a year, along with $323 billion clean up at nuclear weapons sites, and $25 billion ok’d by Congress for the Act gave much more toward the American taxpayer.

I’m 79 and have watched a nation in good faith struggle upward. The nation with a beacon shining outward to the world. I can view on the computer Biden’s net worth of $8 million, mostly from books and speeches. It’s the same for Obama’s $9 million. Best sellers to millions accumulate a lot of dollars. It is easy to condemn, but after the last breath and the light fully shines on us, who will be condemned then?

Dan Hicks