To the Editor

Dear Editor.

What a great tribute to the service men and women of your communities who sacrificed their lives defending our United States of America, our way of life, and our Freedom. The full listing of names from World War I through the present day. What a sober reminder that we can’t take for granted.

My wife and I were on the way home to Georgia from a family wedding in Michigan when we stopped for the night at the Hampton Inn in Clinton. And there was your paper at check-in. I always enjoy reading local news when travelling and I wasn’t disappointed here.

But mostly I appreciate the entire back page color flag tribute that you printed. I have it here at home and will be hanging it up. The larger newspapers should do so well.

I also like your First Amendment posting on page 4A.

We will make it a point to stop in Clinton on our next trip north on I-75 if for nothing other than to refuel and eat.

Thanks for being such a good voice for your community.



Thank you.

Terry Dempsey, Grayson, Georgia