Purchasing Director resigns

Tony Foreman, Purchasing Director for Anderson County, submitted his resignation Monday afternoon (March 27) from the government post he’s held since May, 2016.

Foreman, a Kingsport native, was hired by the Anderson County Finance Committee shortly after Anderson County Commission voted to transfer to the Financial Management System of 1981 in February, 2016.

Foreman’s predecessor, Pamela Cotham, resigned from her post in light of the changes occurring to the financial system in early 2016, and secured a position in Knoxville as an Assistant Purchasing Agent.

Anderson County’s new financial system took effect July 1, 2016.

The resignation comes as County Commissioners Monday approved restructuring the Purchasing Department and placing it under the oversight of the Finance Department.

Now that the department has been restructured, it is Anderson County Finance Director Natalie Erb’s job to hire a replacement.

Anderson County Mayor Terry Frank said Tuesday morning, “I have just heard from the Comptroller’s office confirming that the Finance Director or Deputy Finance Director is Purchasing Agent until a new agent is hired.”

In a statement Tuesday morning Erb said she had sent Anderson County officials a statement after she was notified of Foreman’s resignation Monday: “To the Anderson County Government, Please be advised that Tony Foreman, Purchasing Agent, is no longer an employee of Anderson County Government. This afternoon, Mr. Foreman resigned from his position. The staff of the Purchasing Department will report directly to me during the interim. This reporting structure will continue until a more permanent organization structure is put in place and approved by the Finance Committee.”

Anderson County Mayor Terry Frank said in a statement Tuesday morning, “I did send notice to the Comptroller’s office of the resignation as we are now without a Purchasing Agent and as we are under a new financial structure, I am unsure what emergency protocols are to occur in case of an emergency purchase order. I’m sure Ms. Erb is working to address all of those issues.”

No details have been released regarding Foreman’s reason for resigning.

“We are grateful for Tony’s contributions and wish him the very best in his future endeavors,” Erb stated.