Man faces domestic assault charge following ‘dispute’

Jamie Loveday, 42, of Clinton, was charged by ACSD on July 17 with domestic assault.

The police report states ACSD Deputy Kenneth Woods responded to a domestic disturbance call at approximately 2 a.m. on July 17 in the area of Sherwood Estates Circle.

When Woods arrived at the scene he reported that he could hear yelling from outside the residence and that it sounded like the yelling was escalating.

Woods checked the front door, which was unlocked, opened it, and once inside observed three people in the room: Jamie Loveday, Carrie Loveday, and Debra Hatmaker. Jamie and Carrie are husband and wife and Hatmaker is Carrie’s mother, Woods learned after separating all three and speaking with them individually about the dispute.

Carrie Loveday’s account of the incident was that her husband, Jamie, had “been agitated” all day that day, and that because of his behavior she left the house for several hours, and returned home to find him “still agitated,” and in a worse mood than earlier. According to Carrie, Jamie had now resorted to calling her names, and said Jamie continued the name calling for hours to the point she decided to pack her bag of belongings and head to her mother, Debra’s house, for the night. But what transpired afterwards prevented her from leaving. Jamie saw his wife packing, and began throwing numerous items around the house at her: a laundry basket, a trash can, and a dish rack. One of those items, reported Carrie, ended up striking her shins, causing her to bleed. Carrie said she attempted to leave the residence but Jamie prevented her from leaving by not allowing her access to any of their vehicles. Carrie called her mother to see if she would pick her up. When Debra Hatmaker arrived at the residence, Carrie reported that she and Jamie continued to argue. The argument involved Carrie asking Jamie to use a vehicle so she could drive to work the following day. Prior to police arrival, Carrie said Jamie pushed her.

Hatmaker’s account of events corroborated Carrie’s. Hatmaker said Jamie would not allow Carrie to take a vehicle to drive to work, and that while the couple were arguing she saw Jamie push Carrie. She got between the two, trying to get the two to stop arguing, but said Jamie, “in an intimidating manner” threatened them by saying they needed to get away from him.

Jamie denied everything Carrie and Hatmaker told police, and said Carrie was trying to take his belongings.

Woods wrote in his report that while speaking to Jamie about the incident Jamie “went from semi-calm to agitated and aggressive several times and had to be told to not talk several times.”

Wood said he also observed a fresh cut on Carrie’s right shin, an abrasion on her left shin, and minor swelling around both injuries.

Jamie was arrested and charged with domestic assault and transported to the Anderson County Detention Facility without further incident.