Sheriff’s Office ‘back-to-school’ safety tips

Another school year begins Friday, August 4th. The Anderson County Sheriff’s Department would like to offer the following tips to make our school zones safer and improve traffic safety.

With school back in session, there will be more traffic. Pedestrians, buses, and parents all contribute to school zone congestion.

Many schools in Anderson County are faced with traffic issues especially during the first few days.

Motorists should have a heightened awareness in and around a school zone. Potential hazards are much easier to perceive when driving the school zone speed limit.

Special attention must also be paid to buses displaying flashing red lights when on an undivided roadway. In these instances, drivers are required by state law to stop and wait until the flashing red lights are turned off before passing a bus.

Please follow these suggestions to help make school zones safer for everyone:

• Don’t speed.

• Don’t impede traffic.

• Don’t block intersections or school entrances and exits.

• Don’t make U-turns.

• Watch for children walking or on bicycles.

• Always make sure that your children are wearing seatbelts when driving them to and from school.

Sheriff’s deputies will be enforcing all traffic laws in our school zones.

Please slow down, be alert, and drive with care and caution for the safety of our children.