Friends don’t let friends throw away their pot

Returning to the scene of the crime is never a good idea.

The suspect in this case threw his friend’s bag of marijuana from his vehicle prior to his arrest to avoid an additional charge. Later that day, on July 2, after his release from the Anderson County jail, the suspect and his friend returned to the place of his prior arrest to search for the marijuana he threw away.

Friends don’t let friends throw away their marijuana.

Unfortunately for the suspects, Anderson County Sheriff’s Department deputies were notified they had returned to the area looking to retrieve the illegal substance they had hurriedly flung out the car window earlier that same day.

The police report states Deputy Zach Bates, of ACSD, received a report a suspect he had stopped earlier that day driving a car on Norris Freeway in Rocky Top had returned with a friend to the scene of the arrest looking for a baggie of marijuana he had apparently thrown from the vehicle prior to his arrest.

Bates arrived at the scene and spoke with the suspect he had arrested and learned from the suspect that the marijuana actually belonged to his friend, Maxwell Anderson, 21, of Oak Ridge.

Before arriving at the scene, Bates reported that he had received a dispatch notifying him that Anderson had just left the scene and was headed in his vehicle toward Creek Street in Rocky Top. Bates found Anderson driving his vehicle onto Norris Freeway from Main Street and initiated a traffic stop where he was able to speak with Anderson about the incident.

Anderson told Bates he had the marijuana located “in an embarrassing location” and asked if he could squat down behind the patrol car to retrieve it.

Bates gave the go-ahead for Anderson to retrieve the marijuana, and Anderson retrieved a small plastic bag “with a green leafy substance from his posterior body cavity,” the report states.

Anderson was cited with simple possession or casual exchange, a class A misdemeanor charge, and was released from the scene.