NMS holds ‘Book Tasting’

On Sept. 17 - 18, Norris Middle School librarian, Kat Hall, and 7th grade ELA teachers, Amy Horak and Brian Jones, hosted a “Book Tasting” for 7th grade students. The hosts escorted stu- dents in to their reserved tables at “NMS Book Cafe,” where they had a chance to sample a “bite” from a variety of book genres. Each table was set with a placemat, a menu listing the book titles on the table, and a book at each place. Students had ve - six minutes to familiarize themselves with each title at their table, to jot down their own “review” of each book, and to rate the books from #1-6. Hosts also served small snacks at each table and the students certainly enjoyed being served by their waiter and waitress teachers. Book Tastings are a wonderful way to get kids engaged in reading, to familiarize them with a wide variety of genres, and help them find “good fi t” books.