North Clinton earns Reward Status

After finding out they had made Reward Status last week staff at North Clinton Elementary School held a celebration which included frog cupcakes which stands for Focus Realisticly On Growth.
There were a lot of concerns within the Clinton City School System after students took TN Ready tests last year.

Clinton System students have always done well on the T-Cap tests, but TN Ready is a whole new animal.

“We never thought they (students) wouldn’t do well, but TN Ready is a little more vigorous and more of a challenge,” Director of Clinton City Schools Kelly Johnson said.

The question was how well would the students repsond?

Answer: Very well.

Clinton City Schools received a district-wide composite score of a Level 5 on the new TN Ready assessment.

North Clinton Elementary School received Reward School status for growth for the 2016-17 school year.

It’s a pretty big deal.

NCES scored in the top 5-percent state-wide on achievement in growth, meaning NCES students gained in the top 5-percent.

Combined with the System’s overall score Johnson said, “It validates what our teachers are doing in the new assessment.”

The biggest key to the City System’s success is that everybody is on the same page.

“We have a fabulous City Council and School Board. We have great support from the community,” Johnson said.

“And we have high quality teachers ... And that’s where the magic happens. In the classroom.

“We have fantastic support,” she added.

Another factor for the system — NCES Principal Monia Rael said it was one of the biggest factors at her school — are the students: They know their teachers want them to succeed.

“The students can see our teachers’ work and dedication,” Rael said. “Our students know how much we care.”

Johnson noted that teaching in the Clinton System is special — it takes a lot to get hired.

“We have a multi-layered process,” she said. “We want the right people in the classroom.”

Clinton City scored above the state average in all categories:

ELA (English Language Assessment) CCS: 42.5-percent

ELA State Average: 33.8-percent

Math CCS: 51.5-percent

Math State Average: 38-percent

Science CCS: 71.7-percent

Science State Average: 58.5-percent

So what’s next? Improvement — always imrovement.

Sure, Clinton City scored “Exemplary (the highest ranking),” but Johnson noted that the system’s “sub group” for ecenomically disadvantaged and special education needs shoring up.

“We know where we need to work,” she said. “But if you look across the state that sub group needs more attention in every system.”

The key, as it’s always been within the Clinton System, will be the feeling of it being a group effort it has built and nutured the support from all those involved.