The ACCTC Experience

Abby Bible, Kayana Done- gan, Angelyna Long, Cath- erine Meredith, and Abigail Sanders

As the year comes to a close and the 8th Grade Hawks get closer to leaving the nest, CMS is doing its best to prepare the kids for high school.

ACCTC (Anderson County Career and Technical Center) has gracefully allowed our 8th graders to get a feel of what electives they can take during their high school education and help them to pick a program of study.

Some of the classes offered include Early Childhood Education, Cosmetology, Business, Construction, Agriculture, Health Sciences, Culinary Arts, Engineering and STEM, Machining, Digital Arts, and Criminal Justice.

All of these classes provide the opportunity for hands-on experiences in student passions!

Addy Shelton, who got to experience the Criminal Justice class, states that she learned “that you have to go backwards from a case. You have to work backwards. I really enjoyed the class and it helped me to narrow down what kind of jobs I’m interested in.”

Harleigh Bunker says that she wants to take the Machining class at ACCTC, “because it would be very hands-on and engaging.”

Kayana Donegan, who toured the Early Childhood Education area, said that, “The classroom has a great atmosphere, and provides many opportunities to work with kids. You get real experience working with kids, making lesson plans, and learning to communicate with children.”

Abigail Sanders was amazed with the Health Science class. She quotes, “I was quite surprised that it was more hands-on learning and not just sitting in class writing down notes. I would love to take this class next year!”

This trip was an amazing opportunity for the upcoming freshman to see all the choices they have for their future, and to narrow down what they want as a career.

All of these students have a bright future and are ready to explore their career options.

Thanks to all who welcomed us so warmly at ACCTC.