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Bicyclist pedals way to trouble

A 36-year-old man was arrested for allegedly evading arrest and cited for riding his bike in an “unlawful manner” Friday, March 23, in Rocky Top after fleeing from an Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputy on a bicycle.

Christopher Wade Burris, Old Lake City Highway, Rocky Top, was spotted by Anderson County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Zach Bates riding in the wrong direction on the road.

Bates’ reported he saw someone riding a bicycle south on Lake City Highway.

Then Bates, his report states, saw the bicyclist move into the other lane (north bound) and rode toward oncoming traffic. Bates turned on his lights and attempted to pull the cyclist over.

Bates’ reports states the cyclist rode into a gas station parking, then pedaled back into the roadway — heading again toward oncoming traffic.

Bates’s report says he used his loudspeaker and cautioned the cyclist to “pull over.” The cyclist allegedly turned and nodded at Bates, but pedaled on.

The cyclist then, according to the report, pedaled into the driveway of a home on Lake City Highway which cut through to a property to Cedar Lane.

The report says the cyclist was apparently blocked by a minivan and the cyclist looked as if he were going to dismount.

But as soon as he cleared the van Bates reports the cyclist began “pedaling furiously” around the minivan.

Bates continued to follow the cyclist, who pulled over a short time later and was taken into custody.

The cyclist was identified as Burriss.

He was cited for evading arrest for riding his bike in an unlawful manner on a public roadway.