Frank wins re-election

Mayor Terry Frank
The May 1 Primary offered some closely contested races for county office positions.

Only 10,390 Anderson Countians voted in the May 1 Primary. Anderson County has 45,195 registered voters.

The margin was razor thin in the Mayoral race between Incumbent Mayor Terry Frank and Steve Emert with only a 153-vote difference — 4,771 to 4,618.

Mayor Frank said, “I want to thank God, all the great friends and family who helped me campaign, who worked at the polls and made phone calls, and most especially I want to thank all the wonderful people who voted for me.”

She went on to say, “I promise to keep working hard and do all I can to serve our county to the best of my ability. I have sincere admiration for each and every candidate who puts his or her name on the ballot.

“Win or lose, these candidates deserve our thanks and appreciation for stepping forward, putting their hearts on the line, and giving the people of Anderson County a choice.”

Tim Shelton, who won the Republican Primary for position of Register of Deeds with no competition from a Democratic candidate, stated that the result was “humbling,” especially since he beat out such fine opposition in Michael Foster.

Shelton took in 6,456 votes to Foster’s 2,479.

Shelton also stated that his main goal in office is going to be transition all files from Microfilm to digital format.

Regina Copeland, the Republican Candidate for Trustee stated that she was thankful for everyone that came out to vote. Copeland also said that she looks forward to serving the county in a different capacity, as she is currently in the E-911 department.

Copeland is facing Ebony Capshaw, the Democratic Candidate, for the position of Trustee.

Gary Long ran unopposed for the position of Road Superintendent but was still grateful for the vote of confidence and that he looks forward to serving the county well for the next four years.

Long also said that everyone should remember that the Highway Department is just a call away if you ever need them.

Rex Lynch took the seat of Circuit Court Clerk from William Jones.

Lynch said, “I am looking forward to correcting a lot of problems and mistakes going on in the Clerks’ office and I am looking forward to serving the public.”

The republican Candidate for Sheriff is Russell Barker.

Barker said that his main focus is “Commitment to Service.”

Protect and serve is the mantra of the police force, and Barker stated that he feels the force does a good job protecting but could do a better job serving.

Barker wants to focus on serving the community as well as protecting it.

Barker will face stiff competition from Mark Lucas, the Democratic Candidate.

Lucas is an integral part of the current county operations as Chief Deputy and will be a more than worthy opponent even in an area heavily dominated by the Republican party.

Every official spoken to emphasized their gratitude to the voters of Anderson County along with their desire to make Anderson County a better place to live through hard work and commitment.