CHS Football looking to add to staff

Clinton High School Football is looking for a couple of good people and one of them might be you.

Hoping to draw more community involvement with the Dragon’s football program, head coach Randy McKamey said he is looking for a person to serve as team videographer and a person to serve as team equipment manager.

“We would love to have someone with Clinton ties — someone that would like to see our program grow. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a graduate of Clinton High School but that would be even better,” McKamey said.

“I would like to be able to take care of those people like my own coaching staff — giving them the gear we wear and having them around our program.”

He said he would to get some to serve as videographer to film the games — home and away — each Friday night.

“They would have the best seat in the house and be on top of the press box somewhere. They would travel with the team. Having someone with a background in videography would be nice but we could teach them,” McKamey said.

He said the football program has all the equipment needed.

“They just need to show up and have a good eye for filming and a little bit of understanding of the game. When the game is over they could hand us the camera or they could hang on to it and travel with it,” McKamey added.

“Finding someone to do that [film games] consistently is big, to have the same film each week. Clinton had a guy named Eddie Rosenbalm who did it for years in Coach [Jimmy] Gaylor days and he knew what he was doing. I guess that kind of spoiled me,” he said.

McKamey said the position would be great for someone who can be there on Friday nights who wants to be involved with the program but does not have time to coach. He said if the right person came along and had the inclination and time, they could also film practices and be an even more integral part of the team.

The second position he hopes to fill is that of equipment manager — a person to take care of the equipment both in the locker room and on the sideline.

“We need someone who be available during the season who could help maintain equipment — if a kid needs a screw tightened on a helmet or a chin strap adjusted — someone who could handle that. Again, we’re looking for someone who might not have time to coach or maybe even a retired coach,” McKamey said. “Someone to take care of equipment issues is super valuable. It means a lot to a head coach to have someone walking around with tools in their pocket and if a kid gets a helmet broke there’s somebody there to fix it. Our coaches can certainly repair equipment but that takes away from their coaching duties and our athletic trainers don’t need to be working on equipment.”

He said the ideal person would be able to come by before practice during the season and not just on Friday night.

“Spring practice is starting. It would be nice to have that person hanging out in spring practice,” McKamey said.

For more information or to talk aboutr filling one of the positions, please e-mail McKamey at