Parent excited about new school possibilities


Two of my daughters attend Clinton Elementary school and my family is so excited at the possibilities of a middle school being built.

I could not be more grateful that Clinton City Schools accepted my children as they are not zoned for city schools.

I love that they have the STEM program and focus so much on academics. I love they now offer some other activities but their main focus remains on academics.

My daughter loved the robotics club, while also doing running club, and swim after school. The teachers go the extra mile to make sure all the students are given the same opportunities to grow.

The teachers teach in a way that helps the child learn and at the same time make learning fun. I will be so sad when my oldest leaves Clinton City Schools after 6th grade this year. They aren’t just a school system that pushes a child through.

They want that child to succeed and be great and I truly believe they have the child’s best interest in mind. They have really became family. We truly hope they will go through with building this middle school.

The community would benefit so much from having this middle school.

If you are not sure about this school being built please research them and the true test scores of the schools through the state website and what STEM is and what it really means and how important this is for our children’s future.

Thank you.

Kristy Skaggs

Parent of two school age children that attend Clinton Elementary