Russell Barker gets endorsements former GOP candidates

Anderson County Sheriff Republican Nominee, Russell Barker, received endorsements from his Republican Primary competitors, Lewis Ridenour and Mark “Hollywood” Whaley for the Aug. 2 General Election.

Both, Ridenour and Whaley, will attend and speak on June 7 at the Museum of Appalachia for a campaign event for Barker.

Barker expressed his excitement to have the support of his primary challengers. “Lewis and Hollywood are great men who truly want to make a difference in Anderson County. Having their support is truly an honor.”

Hollywood, one of Barker’s challengers, vowed, if defeated, to support the nominee. He stated “I support our Republican Nominee. Russell is a servant leader who will be an excellent sheriff for Anderson County.

Throughout his career, he has made a profound impact on the lives of those he served.

From his start as a patrolman and now as the Director of the Task Force, Russell has committed his life to serving the people of this great County. Join me in voting for Russell in the general election.”

Ridenour committed early in the process to support the Republican nominee if he was not elected. Ridenour stated “In keeping with my commitment, I fully support Russell Barker as the Republican Nominee for Anderson County Sheriff. I believe he has the leadership to move this department forward.”

Barker looks forward to kicking the campaign off with a united front. “I am excited with the direction our campaign is going. These endorsements along with growing support across the county is humbling.

“This election is about coming together and fixing old problems facing our county. I look forward to the weeks ahead,” Barker concluded.