Likes the way candidate communicates his message


With so much information on TV related to federal and state political offices, a voter can easily be distracted from local county races. And yet, our County Commissioners represent us most directly. Conscientiously, voters should research county commissioner candidates in other ways besides reading road signs.

However, one can’t help but notice the candidate signs all along the roadways. I know that Josh Anderson, a serious candidate for District 3 commissioner (Andersonville, Fairview, Glen Alpine, Norris precincts) takes a thoughtful stance related to signage—reflecting his philosophy of service to our communities.

First, Josh purchases his signs from a LOCAL vendor—demonstrating his interest in paying attention to local businesses.

Second, Josh has committed to placing his signs, NOT on impersonal roadways and street corners, but INSTEAD EXCLUSIVELY in the yards of people who know and respect him and hence support his candidacy—reflecting his commitment to LISTEN to individuals.

Third, Josh goes far beyond communicating to voters with signs.

He spends much of his free time meeting the people in our district via meet-and-greets, visits door-to-door, and conversing over meals in local restaurants.

His visibility is NOT JUST as a candidate.

He intends to work with citizens when elected—meeting them in informal settings around the area and even scheduling more formal sessions so that we can stay informed and express concerns.

These are a few of the reasons I plan to vote for Josh Anderson to represent us on County Commission.

Susan Wiley

District 3 constituent