IT Saves County $400k

There are many people helping to save the Anderson County taxpayers money by reducing cost in government spending.

The Director of the Anderson County IT Department, Brian Young, is definitely one of them.

Through extensive research, he has been looking to switch vendors where necessary and to unify the IT department’s systems.

It was revealed at the County Commission meeting Monday, June 18, that Young has succeeded in making the correct changes in Anderson County’s expenses, leading to savings of more than $400,000.

Commissioner Theresa Scott said, “You’ve more or less taken a box of shoe strings that was held together with band – aids and bubblegum and you’ve made sense out of it. You’ve cleaned up a lot of the offices and the departments in the county and I appreciate it very much.”

Commissioner Chuck Fritts stated that he was one of the commissioners many years ago that was hesitant about hiring an IT Director because of the cost.

Fritts then said, “You are showing every one of us that we can’t afford to not have you.”

Young finished by saying, “There is more to come. I’ve got some more plans to save a little more money for us.”