More than just names

New subdivision, Patriot Place, will honor county’s fallen heroes

  • Al Greene (left) builder Adam Collins (center) and devloper Dagan Greene

  • Paul Hill and Brian Helget

Jason Hovater. Daniel Morris. Edward Dyson. Claude Steadman. Billy Tackett.

These are men who gave their all in the service of their country from the shores of Normandy to the mountains of Afghanistan to the jungles of Southeast Asia.

When developer Al Greene started planning a subdivision

in South Clinton he had a plethora of ideas, thoughts, and plans.

Many stuck with him.

But one stuck out.

Patriot Place Development — 44 lots in Clinton nestled quietly against a hillside…

It’s picturesque. It’s quiet.

And it’s a place of honor.

All streets within Patriot Place will be named after one of Anderson County’s fallen.

“Our service men and women have done so much for us. This is nothing compared to what they have done,” Greene said of the street names.

But it was while he was talking to the mother of one of the fallen that it came home for him.

“I talked with a mother and she told me that every day she tries to do something to remember her son,” he said.

“And now every time a pizza is delivered, or anytime an order is filled out from Amazon,

her son’s name will be there. It will be read and spoken and it will be remembered.”

Before any name is placed in the subdivision

Greene and his son, Dagan, contact the family and ask permission. So far his only regret is that he doesn’t have more streets. And for Greene, he is also learning the history

of the people Patriot Point is honoring. “He was in Vietnam and was wounded,” he said of one of the honorees.

“After he recovered he went back. That was when he was killed.”

Or, “He lost his life in Normandy, on D-Day,” he recounted of another.

While Patriot Place is Greene’s first subdivision

and he said it’s been a learning experience,

the greatest knowledge garnered is that of the names lining the quiet streets in this new neighborhood.