Local earns top marks in target shooting

More than 1,400 youth athletes, from middle school to college, participated in the 2018 Tennessee Scholastic Clay Target Program State Championships, June 19–23, in Nashville.

The State Championships spanned five full days of co-ed competition in three shotgun shooting sports disciplines: trap, skeet and sporting clays.

The governing body of the sport in Tennessee is the Tennessee Scholastic Clay Target Program, an initiative of Tennessee Wildlife Federation. Tennessee Wildlife Federation is one of the largest and oldest nonprofits dedicated to the conservation of Tennessee’s wildlife and natural resources. Tennessee Scholastic Clay Target Program introduces youth to the shooting sports and recruits them into an outdoor lifestyle.

Trap Rookie/Intermediate Grand Champion with the single highest individual score was Wyatt Freels on N2Dust Shotgun Sports (Anderson Coounty; and

Intermediate (Entry Level and Advanced) Individual

1. Dalton Dodd on Henry County No Fly Zone (Henry County)

2. Wyatt Freels on N2Dust Shotgun Sports (Anderson County)

Hunters and anglers are the main source of funding for wildlife conservation in Tennessee and are leading advocates for policies that promote good stewardship of our natural resources.