UT in the fold for Clinton makeover?

Study could save city dollars

An alternative method for the revitalization of Downtown Clinton was brought to the table at Clinton City Council, Monday, June 25.

Missy Snead, of the Historic Zoning Commission, said, “I am here to suggest an alternative. Probably the best asset we have. One that gives the best opportunity for a genuinely alternative perspective: The University of Tennessee.”

Snead referenced an article published in The Leaf Chronicle, a Clarksville news source, about a similar project in Clarksville.

A surplus parking lot was transformed into an urban green space that Montgomery County Mayor Jim Durrett said would be “a game changer in the redevelopment of downtown.”

The article mentions how the project came to be.

It began with a 12 – week study conducted by a group of architecture students studying at the University of Tennessee and their professor, T.K. Davis.

Their findings were that the Clarksville downtown had no open common space for people to gather.

Snead stated that Clinton could benefit greatly from the assistance of the university.

Snead also said that she has spoken with Davis and the director of the National Civic Design Center and that they both were intrigued and want to come have a look at Clinton.

“We have all of this at our fingertips and I am happy to help make connections.”

Snead also mentioned that a great part of having the university get on board is that it would be free.