County organizations will receive $68k in grants

State Representative John Ragan (R-Oak Ridge) today announced that the Tennessee Arts Commission (TAC) has awarded seven grants totaling $68,530 to organizations within Anderson County for the 2019 fiscal year.

According to the TAC, the grants will support projects that demonstrate creative and innovative arts education programs in community settings or non-traditional school environments, recognize and acknowledge outstanding professional artists, and fund additional initiatives within the local arts community.

They are the first in a series of awards that will be made throughout Fiscal Year 2019. Amounts and recipients in House District 33 include:

• Two grants totaling $20,100 for the Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge.

• $1,900 for New River History & Community Advisory Board.

• $11,100 for Oak Ridge Civic Music Association.

• $12,270 for Oak Ridge Community Art Center.

• $20,000 for Oak Ridge Playhouse.

• $3,160 for Tennessee Mountain Writers, Inc.

“These investments made by the Tennessee Arts Commission in support of our local arts programs and facilities are great news for Anderson County,” said Representative Ragan. “The funds will enhance the quality of life for the residents who live in our community; they will also create new and exciting opportunities that will benefit our children and help them grow to value the arts.”