Early voting begins Friday, July 13

Early Voting in Anderson County will begin Friday, July 13 and will run through Saturday, July 28 with Aug. 2 being Election Day.

The hours to vote early are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mon-Fri and 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday.

There are multiple locations to vote at that can all be found at www.Acelect.com.

This election is a state primary election and a county general election.

The Republican candidates running for Governor are Diane Black, Randy Boyd, Beth Harwell, Bill Lee, Basil Marceaux Sr. and Kay White.

The Democratic candidates running for Governor are Karl Dean, Craig Fitzhugh and Mezianne Vale Payne.

The Republican candidates running for the United States Senate are Marsha Blackburn and Aaron L. Pettigrew.

The Democratic candidates running for the United States Senate are Phil Bredesen, Gary Davis and John Wolfe.

Republicans looking to fill a chair in the United States House of Representatives from the Third Congressional District are Chuck Fleischmann, Jeremy Massengale, Harold E. Shevlin and William E. Spurlock Sr.

The Democratic candidate for a chair in the U. S. House of Representatives from the Third Congressional District is Danielle Mitchell.

The Republican running for a position in the Tennessee Senate from the Fifth Senatorial District is Randy McNally and the Democratic candidate for the same position is Stuart Starr.

Republican candidate John D. Ragan and Democratic candidates Richard Dawson and Nathaniel Varner are running from the 33 Representative District for a seat in the Tennessee House of Representatives.

From the 36 Representative District and running for Tennessee House of Representatives are Republican candidate Dennis H. Powers and Democratic candidate Cassandra Mitchell.

Running Republican from 5 Senatorial District for the position of State Executive Committeeman are Richard Esparza and Scott Smith.

Running Democratic for the same position is Jim Hackworth.

Contenders from the 5 Senatorial District for the State Executive Committeewoman position are Republican Amy Jones and Democrat Ebony Capshaw.

There are familiar and new names amongst those running for County Commission.

District 1 contenders are Felicia M. Foust, Chuck Fritts, Floyd E. Grisham, Avery Johnson, Tim Risden and Tracy L. Wandell.

Fritts and Wandell are the current chair holders.

Contenders from District 2 are Robert A. Jameson, Rick Meredith, and David Queener.

Contenders for District 3 are Joshua Anderson, John Meyer, Denver Waddell, and Philip Warfield.

Both of District 4 current chair holders, Tim Isbel and J. Shain Vowell, have turned in their petitions for re-election.

Joining Isbel and Vowell in contention for a chair representing District 4 is Tabitha Duncan Harmon.

Robert McKamey and Jerry White, the current District 5 chair holders are joined in the race by Chris Silver

Contenders in District 6 are Anthony Allen, Catherine Denenberg and Steve Mead.

Denenberg and Mead are the current chair holders.

District 7 has three contenders.

Jimmy Bouchard, Jerry Creasey and Theresa Scott.

Creasey and Scott are the current District 7 chair holders.

The only contenders for seats representing District 8 are the current chair holders Bob Smallridge and Phil Yager.

Terry Frank runs unopposed in the County Mayoral Race.

Running for County Trustee are Republican Regina Copeland and Democrat Ebony Capshaw.

Running for Sheriff are Republican Russell Barker and Democrat Mark Lucas.

Running unopposed for the position of Circuit Court Clerk is Rex Lynch.

Jeff Cole in the County Clerk position and Tim Shelton in the Register of Deeds position are also running unopposed.

Jo Williams is looking to secure position of School Board chair for the 1 District.

Running for a chair in the School Board for the 2 District is Teresa Portwood.

Running for School Board 6 District is Christopher Gillenwaters and for the 7 District is Don A. Bell.

Running for Constable of the 2 District are Eugene G. Chaney, Shannon Gray and Jason Stokes.

Running for Constable for 3 District is Lawson Bates and for 4 District Frederick Gilliam.

Running for Board of Education in the City of Oak Ridge for an unexpired term is Benjamin J. Stephens II.

Running for Court Clerk / Finance Officer in the City of Oliver Springs is Ramona Walker.