Operations Committee makes bid decision on 205 Main Street

The Anderson County Operations Committee sent the decision to put the property at 205 Main St. in Clinton to bid to the Purchasing Committee.

The building at 205 Main St. was originally purchased, by the county, to be utilized as the new senior center.

After realizing that there were many flaws with the building, not only with the state of disarray the facility was in but also the general layout of the building not being conducive to the needs of a senior center, the Anderson County seniors were forced to move back into their current location at 195 Edgewood Ave. in Clinton.

The decision then became whether or not to spend the money to renovate the property or to sell the property and look elsewhere for another potential Senior Center.

“We have found the perfect place,” Mayor Terry Frank said, “But it doesn’t currently fit our pocketbook.”

Frank suggested to the Operations Committee that they move to put the property to bid with a minimum asking price.

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