Stop crying and play baseball

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game is just around the corner as the Mid-Summer Classic approaches, I’m reminded it is impossible to please everyone.

Let’s be honest: It’s almost impossible to please anyone, especially when it comes to selecting All-Stars.

With the announcement of All-Stars selected by fan and player votes on Sunday came the inevitable roll call of so-called snubs — the players who deserved to be named to the All-Star team but were not.

Perhaps the biggest snub was Blake Snell, starting pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Snell currently leads the American League with a 2.09 ERA and is tied for second in wins with 12.

A 12-4 record, a sparkling ERA, and 132 strikeouts and we’re not even to the All-Star break yet — yes, he is deserving of All-Star status.

That being said, the harsh truth is this: Somebody has to be left out.

It isn’t fair but that’s reality.

Part of the problem is that each team has to have an All-Star representing them on the squad.

People like Snell get bumped because the Orioles and Rangers have to have members on the team.

I disagree with the notion that all teams have to be represented.

Really bad teams should not be rewarded simply for existing.

You want an All-Star?

Build a relevant team.

Sadly, Snell suffers because the Rays are not even going to catch a glimpse of the playoffs because they share a division with the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

Another problem is the fan vote.

Fans of successful teams will stuff the ballot box simply because they draw better than lower division (or even small market) clubs.

No one asked, but my solution for fixing the problem is to expand the roster to 30 players per team and drop the requirement that each team must be represented.

Allow the fans to vote in the starting position players.

Allow the players to select the bench.

Allow the manager of each squad to choose the pitching staff. The All-Star Game is an exhibition.

In the final analysis, it really is a great deal of noise over nothing.

If you got snubbed, get over it.

There’s a second half of the season to play and it does count.