City schools releases results and ranking from test numbers

On Thursday, July 19, the Tennessee State Department of Education announced achievement results for the 2018 TN Ready test. As part of the accountability system, students are grouped into three grade bands: 3rd-5th grade, 6th-8th grade and 9th-12th grade.

Clinton City is a Pre-K through 6th grade system, so we attain rankings in the 3rd-5th grade band and 6th-8th grade band. Clinton City Schools was one of six districts across the state who ranked in the top five in a grade band cohort in both achievement and student growth. Our 6th grade attained top five rankings in two different testing areas: ELA (English/Language Arts) and Math. Clinton City was the only system to meet these expectations in two academic subjects. Williamson County was the only state district to attain top ranks in all three grade bands.

The 3rd-5th grade cohort also performed impressively in ELA and Math, ranking in the top 15-percent of districts across the state of Tennessee.

Director Kelly Johnson stated, “Districts across the state of TN worked very hard this year on behalf of their students. I am extremely pleased with the results that have been released so far as it affirms the dedication, professionalism, and growth mindset in our Clinton City teachers and students. We firmly believe in high expectations with an abundance of support. We expect a great deal from our students, and they consistently rise to the challenge. These results could not be possible without our high-quality teachers, supportive parents, strong partnerships with the city of Clinton, and pride in the community.” Mayor Scott Burton is also pleased with the progress of the school system. “We have a great deal in which to be proud in the city of Clinton. Our school system has a unique, personalized learning environment that has demonstrated success over many years. As their funding body, we have developed a very collaborative relationship where the school system and City Council work together toward the same goals. We are very proud of our students and teachers.”


Clinton City Schools – Percentage Growth from 2017-2018

6-8 English Language Arts 7.8% (ranking 3rd in state)

6-8 Math 7.8% (ranking 3rd in state)


Clinton City Schools State of TN Average

3rd-5th English/

Language Arts 45.1 35.7

3rd-5th Math 50.2 40


Clinton City Schools State of TN Average

6-8 English/

Language Arts 58.9 (ranking 2nd in state) 32.1

6-8 Math 62.1 (ranking 3rd in state) 34.6