Candidate got it wrong at forum


I attended the Norris Women’s Club County Commission Candidate Forum on July 10th.

Those of us there were disappointed in one candidate unwilling to be truthful about his voting stance on a couple of previous issues.

Not only did (candidate) lie about where he stands on giving State Park land for commercial development, he repeatedly stated that he would never vote for such use. After the forum, he still denied it when asked directly.

He also lied about his vote to raise taxes, stating he would never vote to raise our taxes. In fact, he voted for both of those things.

(Candidate) dropped a lot of names during the forum. One mention was John Barker as his son’s swim coach at AC. John Barker is not a supporter of (candidate), but he was not in attendance of the forum to respond to the use of his name. (Candidate) knows Mr. Barker would not vote for him. I can only assume he thought others would assume Mr Barker was aware of his name being used and was a supporter of his campaign. That is far from being the case.

After the forum, (candidate)suggested that another candidate was given the questions prior to the evening because he did so well.

That candidate was clearly prepared, and much more prepared than (candidate) assumed he would be to confront his false statements.

To suggest that our Women’s Group would help one candidate over another is an insult to our city and our residents.

Dana L Barker

• Editor’s note: The Courier News will not run endorsement or “anti” endorsement letters once early voting begins. The name of the candidate mentioned in the above letter has been changed to “candidate” because the ramifications of the accusations of being untruthful about one’s voting record is in itself serious.