441 is a scenic route, not a route for a dump


The neighbors on Scenic Highway 441 area, now the area being hailed by current commissioners as “the perfect site for the dump” would like to see a change in the way Anderson County conducts business.

This means a needed change in representatives. There has been a lack of city planning, thoughtfulness and foresight.

Although these commissioners said they represent us citizens, NOT ONE of them ever attempted to come talk with those being directly affected. Not only will the DUMP gravely affect property values, it will magnify the already increasing traffic problem.

The fact that the property is light industrial is one thing, but it is on a SCENIC HIGHWAY used by car and motorcycle clubs that bring revenue to our county.

They come from far and wide to visit the Historic City of Norris, eat at Sweet Cafe, Chunky Monkey, and drive scenic highway 441 to the Norris State Park and Dam.

They come to visit the Appalachian Museum, antique festivals, and shop in the historic downtown Clinton.

Both our current commissioners are in favor of moving the dump onto this scenic highway, and both voted to give state park land away to private developers. Unbelievable.

The Scenic Highway System has regulations that we have brought to their attention at the Commissioner Meetings, but to no avail. The laws clearly state the following:

2017 Tennessee Code

Title 54 - Highways, Bridges and Ferries

Chapter 17 - Scenic Roadways

Part 1 - Scenic Highway System Act of 1971

§ 54-17-108. Advertising or junkyards prohibited on scenic highways -- Authority of commissioner to acquire.

Universal Citation: TN Code § 54-17-108 (2017)

• (a) Whenever a road or highway has been designated part of the system, it is unlawful for any person to construct, use, operate or maintain any advertising structure or junkyard within two thousand feet (2,000’) of any road or highway that is a designated part of the system and that is located either outside the corporate limits of any city or town or at any place within a tourist resort county, as defined in § 42-1-301.

• (b) The commissioner is authorized to acquire the advertising structure or junkyard by purchase, gift, or condemnation, and to pay just compensation for the removal of these structures and junkyards.


Brenda and Joe Hamel, Mary and Jay Knepper, Sue and Dwight Brown, Nikki and Bob Kapolka, Kevin Knoernschild and family, Josh and Brittany Greene