City schools open with enthusiasm

And they are off!

The new school year has officially begun: On Monday, July 30, Clinton City Schools’ staff entered the school buildings to prepare for a new school year.

The week was filled with an abundance of activities including professional development, classroom preparations, and planning.

By Thursday evening, staff members were ready to welcome smiling children back into the school buildings. This year, Clinton City Schools held a “Meet the Teacher Night” prior to the first day of school. On Thursday, Aug. 2, parents and students were invited to meet their teacher, pick up school information, and drop off school supplies prior to the first day of school. School buildings were beaming with excitement as students eagerly entered the classroom to see their teacher, catch up with friends, and see their new academic home for the 2018-19 school year.

Director Kelly Johnson stated, “Having Meet the Teacher Night prior to the school year beginning was a tremendous success. Parents and students are always eager, and a little anxious, to meet the teacher and see the classroom. Being able to spend time together as a family in the new learning environment helps the first day of school go smoothly.

“Having an informal gathering prior to the school year allows parents to communicate necessary information to classroom teachers prior to the first day.

“Parents also receive essential information regarding school and classroom logistics that get the year started on a positive note.”

The school year is now up and running. Playgrounds are filled with laughter, straight lines are seen in the hallways, and classrooms are encompassed with collaborative learning. “CCS welcomes a new year of high expectations with an abundance of support. Welcome back, teachers and students to a wonderful school year,” Johnson said.