New service in Clinton offers resources for fighting addictions

Tommy Fowler is getting the word out about a new resource in Anderson County to help people fight addictions. — Ken Leinart
A new resource for those battling addictions will open in Clinton next week.

Clinton Solutions Addiction Recovery Center (CSARC) will open its doors at 400 Hicks Street.

Tommy Fowler, who will head the center, said CSARC will offer a plethora of services — from life coaching to case management to intervention.

CSARC will also serve by training counselors.

“There’s a need in Clinton, in Anderson County,” Fowler said. “We will be a resource. We are here to help fight addictions.”

Fowler said the biggest step is to get the word out that help is here.

“We talked with the police, we’ve met with (incoming) Sheriff Barker, and they all seemed excited that we’re here to offer this service,” Fowler said.

Fowler said CSARC can also help those needing to find a halfway house in their recovery process.

There is no one process the center will use. It will offer 12-step programs, AA, NA, 12-step programs for Christians, whatever it takes to help a person.

“Some addicts become self-deflective,” he said. “You have to let go of those things inside you that are hurting you.

“If that means letting go to a ‘higher power,’ then that’s what it takes. If you want to use your group as a higher power, okay.”

The center will offer “addict education,” and offer solutions an addict may use to help them.

“Recovery is beautiful,” Folwer said. “Life is fun, should be fun.”

The center has multiple sources of funding and does charge for services, but Fowler said “nobody will be turned away.

“We’ll do what we can to help people no matter what,” he said.

“You can get help no matter what.”