AC School hands out suspensions after Friday ruckus

Coaches of both Anderson County and Clinton High Schools have been handed suspensions by Anderson County Schools, after a postgame altercation turned physical.

Gary Terry, Anderson County’s Athletic Director and Assistant Coach will serve a two game suspension. Anderson County Assistant Coach Russ Gillum will serve a one game suspension.

Clinton’s Head Coach Randy McKamey will also serve a one game suspension.

Allegedly, during a timeout, McKamey said something to Terry about Anderson County leaving their starters in the game. After the game’s conclusion, the altercation became physical and the men would have to be separated.

Anderson County Assistant Director of Schools Greg Deal was quoted saying, “We expect coaches, administrators and students to handle themselves in the highest standards. We immediately reported the events of Thursday to TSSAA and have been extremely proactive in our approach. TSSAA made it clear to us that when the Austin-East/Brainerd situation happened neither school claimed the necessary responsibility. That’s when TSSAA handed down stiff penalties. Our hope is that by being proactive, we can show that we have handled this situation in a firm manner and that TSSAA will consider it sufficient.”

TSSAA has yet to respond or comment on the suspensions.

The suspensions come at a crucial time, as both schools host District Football match-ups this Friday night.