Wheels for Kids at Boys and Girls Club

Wheels for Kids Program
The 2018-19 Wheels for Kids Program is underway at the North Anderson County Boys & Girls Club located in Rocky Top. For the 3rd year, kids will have the opportunity to earn their choice of a new bike and helmet or a new pair of sneakers and athletic ball. If the kids meet the criteria, they will receive the rewards in May of 2019. Students must attend the club 75-percent of the school year, attend school 95-percent of the school year, maintain a C grade average, have satisfactory conduct at the club and school and read 10 age appropriate books. The program is sponsored by Melissa and Jim Charles with helmets donated by The Epilepsy Foundation of East Tennessee. For more information on the North Anderson County Boys and Girls Club or how to qualify for the Wheels for Kids program, call the club at 865.426.4711.