Hawks ‘explore’ sign language

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Hawks “explore” American Sign Language

Jacen Pride, Jackson

Brewer, and Tanyan Pollard

One of the many Explore to Soar clubs here at CMS is the American Sign Language Club. The purpose of this club is to learn a new language and communicate with the deaf community.

Club sponsor, Ms. Kathy Lauer says,“That 195 colleges around the US now accept sign language as a second language and offer full graduation credit just like they do for any other language, including French, Spanish, Italian, German, and others.”

The importance of this club is to help everyone that goes to the club communicate easily with the deaf community and to learn valuable language lessons in the process.

Digital Arts covers photo editing

Hunter Evans and Noah Weeks

This week in Digital Arts classes, students are learning to edit photos using a photo editing program.

Mrs. Angela Whitley, the leader of this project, said,”This will help students make pamphlets, brochures, and presentations all of the above any job would love.”

This project could help students make things like this newspaper. ‘

Hopefully these students can grow and eventually do great things and get great jobs in the future.

Clinton Middle hosting ACS daycare

Mia Baylis, Laila Cox, Sara Duncan, and Marissa Eccles

The daycare at Clinton Middle School is a new program, just starting this year.

As of right now, there are only two kids, but we are expecting more soon.

The teachers of Daycare are Mrs. Powers and Ms. Coffman, and hey are already teaching manners the children will need for elementary school.

Some of their classroom expectations include looking eyes, listening ears, helping hands and walking feet.

The children like to sing songs, such as the “Dinosaur Song” and “Baby Shark.”

They are provided with a daily schedule and some table toys. The daily schedule includes plenty of bathroom brakes, nap time, snack, math, letters, etc.

We are very excited about the new daycare program at Clinton Middle, and all of the children to come.

Cross Country finds success, promotes health and sportsmanship

Preston Duerr, Camden Leon, and Dawson Woodard

The Clinton Middle Cross Country program is having another successful season this year.

The CMS team is made up of 15 runners, 8 boys and 7 girls, who have now competed in six area Cross Country meets.

Head Coach Dorian Ewing, a Social Studies teacher here at CMS, told us that her team is “doing very well and everyone is loving it.”

Cross Country is a vital athletic program for Clinton Middle as it promotes good health and exercise as well as sportsmanship.

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