It’s beginningto look a lot like ...

  • The Tenos playing at the Christmas tree lighting - Crystal Huskey

  • City of Clinton Christmas Tree - Crystal Huskey

  • The Smith family hung out and celebrated the holidays at Granny’s Antiques on Market Street on Friday. - Crystal Huskey

  • Reese and Addy Hollifield, ages 9 and 5, enjoyed munching on some chocolate chip cookies at Granny’s Attic on Market Street. - Crystal Huskey

  • The Phillips family attended Friday’s Christmas tree lighting and cookie crawl. - Crystal Huskey

  • Don and Donna Reigns celebrated their 19th Christmas on Market Street on Friday. They own Burrville Antiques. - Crystal Huskey

  • “Reverend Smith,” as he likes to be called, stands with Tyler Suro, 13, at the Clinton Christmas tree lighting. Smith has been in Clinton since 1949. - Crystal Huskey

  • Aidan McNeilly, 5, stands in front of a vintage truck as he prepares to check out all the cookies the shops on Market Street offered. - Crystal Huskey

The City of Clinton welcomed the Christmas season Friday night with its annual tree lighting; merchants along Market Street made the festivities merrier by hosting a “Cookie Crawl” before the switch was flipped; and Timely Topics Club hosted hot drinks and tasty treats — along with the music of The Tenos — to keep spirits bright.