Hope to see you there


I had placed a letter here a few years ago about a Clinton hero. I am welcoming that gifted therapist, Kevin Bishop, to his new office at the former DMV building.

His faith has brought forth God’s favor of owning his own business company, as Comprehensive Industrial Services (CIS). My husband and I have had a personal experience since the “Piriformis Syndrome” has become widely spread. That is a muscle that will slam you into chronic pain.

This brave therapist has had his own share of burdens that should have crushed him. “What does not break you will make you stronger.”

His storms have not once affected his concerned performance nor the TLC his heart has towards his patients. So, if you wish to be touched by God’s talented healer, wish to experience his marvelous techniques, come join us.

Fraternize with Kevin, our former Vol’s therapist and take a trip back in time over his fascinating Vol’s collection, while your pain decreases.

Hope to see you there, Clinton.


Linda Cashion