Turning a negative into a positive

A new concept for 205 Main

There have been a couple of “walk-throughs,” the e-package with details of the property has been viewed and/or downloaded “hundreds of times,” at least 12 selected real estate agencies have been mailed a packet, and the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce has two businesses “interested” in the property.

Things are moving in the world of 205 Main, the Anderson County property that was purchased for $600,000 for use as a senior center, but was surplussed when it was deemed unsuitable for that purpose.

Anderson County Commission asked for, and received, an update on the bidding outlook during its January meeting.

The County Commission also asked if there was more the county could do to get the word out about the site.

205 Main is listed on Vendor Registry and Loopnet — sites commercial real estate agents are familiar with.

More than 200 have viewed it on Vendor Registry; almost 200 on Loopnet.

Anderson County Commissioner and Anderson County Chamber of Commerce President Rick Meredith said the Chamber has a link in its website that goes to the 205 Main bidding site.

While there are no bids yet — all bids are due April 2 — there has been interest.

For Anderson County Commission Chairman Tracy Wandell the interest in the building — added to the proposals concerning a rebirth, as it were, of Clinton — is all good news.

“I used to feel negative about that site,” Wandell said. “But it is a tremendous asset in the middle of Clinton, in the middle of the county.

“It’s two acres of land … I see it’s a major asset for us and we have the opportunity to decide how we want to proceed with it, to capitalize on that opportunity,” he continued.

“It has turned into an asset.”

The Commission still may send out flyers and it will hold on to the option to view all bids.

But, as Wandell pointed out, 205 Main has gone from being a negative to having the potential to be one of the keys when talking about any new revitalization of Clinton.