Weigel’s raising funds for Veterans Service Dogs

Memorial Day weekend concludes the start of the fourth annual “More Wags for Warriors” campaign for all Weigel’s stores. This three week fundraising event was selected to reflect on the importance of May 27th, Memorial Day. “More Wags for Warriors” is a capital campaign and represents a local non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the physical and psychological quality of life for veterans with service related disabilities through the training and placement of highly-trained service dogs

The program provides, at no charge, to veterans in need specially trained service dogs to aid in assistance and companionship. Dogs are trained for many Veteran-related disabilities such as providing navigation and assisting in mobility. The cost to raise and train just one service dog is approximately $22,000 before they can be matched to a veteran.

All funds raised during this event will go supporting the Smoky Mountain Service Dogs located on a 10-acre site in Lenoir City. Smoky Mountain Service Dogs was established in October of 2010, and placed its first service dog in 2013.They have served over 25 veterans and their families. Weigel’s customers can participate by donating at any of Weigel’s 67 locations. The funds will be utilized to help double the number of veterans served each year.