Y-12 honors innovators with Tech Transfer awards

The Y-12 National Security Complex recently honored 21 innovators for their fiscal year 2018 accomplishments at the site’s 15th annual Technology Transfer awards ceremony in Knoxville.

The group’s innovations garnered nine patents in areas including radiation area monitors, ergonomic glovebox workspaces and a sensor and methods of detecting target materials. Ten employees were recognized for submitting full invention disclosures and copyright applications to the National Nuclear Security Administration.

Y-12 awards honorees were Tasha Boyd, James Bradshaw, Sam Brown, Ashley Stowe, Rusty Hallman, Joe Rainwater, Ed Ripley, Michael Lovelady, Lee Bzorgi, Nathan Henry, Chris Hayes, Mike Phillips, Alex Moses, Vincent Lamberti, Sam Brown, Bill Rogerson, John Freiderich, Jessica Metcalf, Tammy Hubbard, Blake Scott, and Shannon Roddy.

Consolidated Nuclear Security manages and operates Y-12 and the Pantex Plant in Amarillo, Texas.

A central Technology Transfer Office manages the commercialization and partnership efforts for both sites and will recognize the Pantex inventors and innovators in a separate ceremony in Amarillo.